I am going to be a jockey!

September 26, 2009

CIMG6668I wish the sun would rise at my beckoning! An eerie sensation occurs when I’m galloping before dawn and hooves thunder past my steed. Briefly, my concentrated efforts of maintaining control of the eleven hundred pounds beneath me have to squint and listen for the ghost rider. I peek under my arm, prepare for quick movement, and judge the other horse’s speed by the frequency of his footfalls. Trainer Adam Smith asked me to show up as early as possible, so I walked into his barn at five minutes till six a.m. and was one of the first riders on the track this morning. Since today is only my second time to ride for Mr. Smith, I think he is only giving me his easy horses. That is a luxury big stables have, I guess. I galloped two horses in the dim lit hours for Mr. Smith. Neither one grabbed the bit to run away or shied at the spooky sounds in the twilight. The trainer asked me to come back after break if I had time. I agreed even though my body screams with soreness and stiff muscles from overstress.

Quinn showed off her good mood by the clothes she wore. Her floppy straw hat had been decorated with a cheap band of plastic yellow daisies, and her oversized magenta jacket beamed with little sparkles surrounding the pockets and zipper. Quinn’s long brown braid bobbled around as she saddled Addakiss and talked constantly. The sun was in full glory and warming the air. I could not decide if I was hot or cold, so I rode up to the track in my large sweatshirt.

Quinn snapped a photo of us heading to the track. I posted it, so you can enjoy my ebony hero too. The sun reflecting off Addakiss’ coat makes him look brownish, but he is really jet black. I wish I had taken off my baggy sweatshirt. Oh well.

Addakiss galloped with an aggressive pull today. Down the lane, I asked him for a quicker pace, and he responded. I gathered my reins tighter and moved my hands back and forth with the motion of his head and neck. His hooves collided nosily with the dirt and his breath blew out his wide nostrils in rhythmic puffs. Quinn was pleased with the ambition he showed today. Next week she might breeze him with another horse. How exciting!

Mr. Tate never showed up at his barn- sleeping off last night’s drink, I guess. I hunted for Kent in the recieving barn and felt betrayed when I spied him giving another excercise rider a leg up on Fuzzy. My sweet gray girl. I turned away before Kent saw me watching. 

After I rode one more easy horse for Mr. Smith, Quinn and I took the kids to the mall. A short trip for new pants for Quinn ended up lasting until late afternoon. As it turns out, Quinn can not shop in malls- she prefers resale shops. But we tried to find a cheap pair of pants anyway for five hours with crazy kids tagging along. I went home with my little picture of Addakiss to brag to Joshua.

My fiancé was not impressed with the photo. He grumbled about having to work on Saturday, so I cooked him dinner when he got off work. We listed all the wedding plans that need attention while we ate steaks and baked potatoes. Joshua asked again about the honeymoon plans, and I told him I would let him know soon. I fear that I will miss lots of riding during my time off and possibly lose some jobs. It’s a dog eat dog business, but I love it!



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  1. Judy and I can hardly wait to sign on line to see if we have a new and exciting BLOG of your’s to read! We Had a good visit with your dad and Janet. We ate alot (aybe to much) played some cards and took a boat ride on Lake Lure. Judy and I love the Hendersonville area, the mountains and country music. wish you could have come for the visit.

    Keep up the great writing and we will keep reading with anticipation!

    God Bless you
    PS I had your dad read my life’s story, I told him I needed to have you rewrite it for me.

    Comment by Larry and Judy — September 27, 2009 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

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